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Divine Healing Drops

Our amazing Drops started coming out in 2003; many on the basis of what our family was going through at the time. (A story for another time.)

Divine healing Drops work at the level of creation itself. They work by helping you recreate yourself with the qualities you want, or without the qualities you don’t want, depending on the intention of each of the Drops,

In partnership with my then-husband, David, I received Guidance on how to create the drops, the formulas, materials, and more. David would give me the name of the formula that was needed in the world, and I went into a room and “got” what was needed to fulfill the intention. 150+ of them came within a few years. I haven’t counted recently.

Today, I’m listing one: Youthful Enthusiasm, because it fits so well with helping my tribe of 50+ women love how they look and feel again.

More will follow!

The Youthful Enthusiasm Drops listing in in process. Come back soon to see it up and live!



Youthful Enthusiasm




Has the aging process left you feeling faded, subdued, and invisible? These Drops help you to clear your perception of yourself, to enliven dormant curiosity for life, and to awaken your passion for living.