Younger Every Year!

Look it, feel it, BE Younger

Ageless Goddess System Coaching & Healing

Women 50 and up:

Love how you look and feel again!

Would you like to love how you look in the mirror again? Aging is not a done deal. There is so much you can do …

  • Without invasive surgery
  • Without investing every penny
  • Without selling your soul
It’s time to navigate the second half of your life intentionally, with your hands on the wheel!
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Let's get to know each other!

My name is Allura

I've been navigating the unknown for quite a while, and let me tell you, the terrain is constantly changing and I've had to shift course regularly. Now, at 71, I've amassed lots of things that can help you look younger every year!


What do you Want?

To make wrinkles less noticeable?
To see your body looking slimmer?
To feel more energy during the day?
To tame the bat wings in your arms?

… or maybe you'd like to:

Find your best new look?
Ease pain in your joints?
Feel more confident?

Let's work on that!

It's not only about how you look!

Beauty may change over the years — we all know that.

Sometimes you change what you see, sometimes you adjust to new realities. But always… always…

You learn to love yourself now and, well, always

“The session yesterday just totally warmed my heart; I feel so much calmer. Today I continue to call on my Goddesses to bring me strength, heart love and hope.

Jean Smithson-Bell

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